why do I even try

to make a good home for the cats?

for them to turn around and do this:

close-up (green eyes of fury included. no extra charge):

and yes, those are indeed undergarments comfily piled under the cat.  happy National UnderWear Day!

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12 thoughts on “why do I even try

  1. Hahaha… that is cute. My dog is kind of the same way, he loves to lay on a pile of clothes – actually, freshly washed clothes. He's not nimble enough to get into the dirty laundry hamper.

  2. Pepperito! Good to see him. HRT spent all last night on a pile of clean clothes.(and as to the last of your tags: yes.)

  3. oh mariser, mariser. Don't you know yet? The cats own the house and everything inside. They even own your underwear. Just be grateful they haven't tried to snatch your skivvies while you're still wearing them.

  4. I put on a pair of shorts from the laundry basket and they had a dried hair blarp on them. I peeled it off and wore them outside to water the plants. Mine never lay or puke on the dirty clothes. Always the clean ones. Soometimes a three quart pee on the whole basket.

  5. @HB: laundry days are indeed eventful. between removing a cat from the hamper, making sure stevie is not in the washer and/or dryer and trying to put up the clothes before they get shedded on…@ames: aw, thanks. if anyone knows how to make a cat's life wonderful, it is you@Hapa: heh. cats do have the advantage on jumping onto and into stuff. but dogs are much better at the digging and the destroying@LT: you are a fellow handmaiden to a BIG HANDSUM TUXSEEDO cat – you know what it entails. Pepper sez – already? mus hav bin a fast birdzie that took yur box.@HG: I live under the constant delusion that because we feed them, pet them, medicate them, and protect them, the cats would have a smidgen of respect. as if.@SC: were myself and the tuna on fire, I'm pretty sure the rescue priority (not me)@DB: dude – a hair blarp – descriptive and hilarious. so far, our cats have not pissed on the clean clothes – but they have on the dirty clothes. usually to communicate to us, the staff, that their feline highnesses bathroom facilities have declined from barely tolerable to abyssmal

  6. If it makes you feel any better, our son regularly sits in a partially unpacked moving box (that also has undergarments in it). He likes to watch tv in there, read books, eat. I'm guessing the closed in space is comforting. Or he's a weirdo.

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