the two-way window

as some of you have noticed (many thanks to  ya'll who played), a few days ago I posted about the Johari window, an exercise in self-presentation and self-awareness.  the answers so far have been interesting – I must be pretty cohesive in how I present myself in teh internets, since most answers cluster around 8-9 traits (out of 55: for the exercise you must pick 5-6 traits you identify in the subject, i.e. me). 

the Johari window presents traits which are generally positive – out of the 55 there are maybe 4-5 that are mildly negative – an aobservation that led to the creation of the nohari window, in which the 55 traits have been replaced by their antonyms (happy becomes unhappy; kind becomes cruel, and so on).  the instructions are the same, but it's way more difficult, and I expect, more illuminating (if I can get anyone to answer, that is) my nohari window .  so go all out – I won't get upset, and it'll give me material for navel-gazing.
…and you can always use a fake name or that old reliable, anon.

if you like, make your own Johari and/or nohari window(s)

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4 thoughts on “the two-way window

  1. OK, I played. But I think a lot of the words are really way too harsh… like, I don't know anybody who isn't a little bit insecure about something, lol!

  2. I did your Johari one, but not the Nohari… just couldn't do it! lol
    I also have done mine — this is cool.

  3. I wanted to pick words that weren't on the Johari for you: has excellent taste, musicophiley, kitty-lovin'.
    Hey, it's still your birthday here! Hope it was a happy one.

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