I woke up thinking of a song I hadn't thought of or heard in years:  Art&Paul's America; I bought it on vinyl before vinyl was cool (BCD).   vinyl that is long lost, and never bought on CD or .mp3 format.

there is not an official music video of the song that I can find; luckily someone uploaded the song to YT as soundtrack to several pics/short clips of Art&Paul.  'tis fine for listening but don't try to sync the sound to the visuals.

the line to which I woke up – "it took me four days to hitchhike from Saginaw".  a very pretty, very hard harmony

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10 thoughts on “lookin’

  1. It is a lovely, lovely song. I have it on CD and vinyl. we saw them on their last tour a few years back and they can still harmonize so well altho Art can't hit all the high notes any more.

  2. Pure artistry. We heard this a lot growing up. Any song with a Michigan reference was played on the radios quite a bit. Of course, we talked about all the other towns that would have been nicer than Saginaw to pass through.

  3. I listened to that album all through junior high school. Also recommended: Paul Simon's "American Tune".Like the Dancer, I have all their albums on vinyl..

  4. Oh YES. I was in 7th and 8th grade. I was totally and completely in love with Paul. My best friend loved Art. I have every song. Vinyl and otherwise. So beautiful. Interwoven melodies and harmonies. They are imprinted on my soul. My hubby took me to see them in their last tour through Michigan maybe 10 years ago. Still incredible. That was another one of those concerts where I would have happily died in the parking lot afterward so I didn't have to come back to reality. Music is one thing that reaches beyond human idiocy. "We've all come to look for America."Nice.

  5. Hello..Passing through..that is one of my favorite songs by S and G..sometimes hearing the new sounds..my head goes back to the time of 'America'..also their first album..Kathy's Song..and of course Sounds of Silence..fine poetry and meaning for me..Peace Tony

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