horsing downtown

several unpleasant errands downtown:

cars registered – $$$$$                                                                                          check

renew driver's license – picture so horrible as to make the old one bearable                check

get parking permits to park in front of my house  -  $$ and aggravation                       check

     ————————————————————– 0 ————————————————————

at least got to walk around downtown in the sunshine.  it was kinda pleasant today, with temps (finally) below the high 90s F.   and Horsemania is back.  lousy phone pics, didn't think to bring a camera.

for comparison, the more usual kind of equine statuary

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15 thoughts on “horsing downtown

  1. I wish we had horse sculptures out here instead of cows, pigs, Snoopys (in St. Paul where I was last year), and dinosaurs. It's nice to see creative things done with those generic fiberglass sculptures (hello Black Angus Steakhouse), but there's just something very elegant and beautiful about the figure of a horse.

  2. not really. is my crappy cellphone. the first and last pics are in full sunshine and the colors show a bit. everything in the shade looks blue.very moody.

  3. I agree horses have an advantage as a starting point – immediate thoughts of swiftness, speed, elegance. this is the 2nd time they've done it in Lexington – the first was 2000, so it may become a decennial (?) event.CIncinnati got fiberglass pigs – being nicknamed "Porkopolis" doesn't leave it much choice.Chicago I think had cows, which have some whimsy potential

  4. That is indeed a lovley skeleton horse.

    Toronto had fiberglas moose about a decade ago. All their antlers were busted off in no time, so it was like a herd of female moose had taken over the city.

  5. skulls, bones, skeletons remind me of you. I should go downtown on the weekend with a camera and get some proper pics.

  6. I love these!!!Our up north town, Petoskey, Michigan, had decorative fish one year. It's so much fun to see what the artists do with each one!

  7. Yeah, we have to pay to park in front of house. Its a minor annoyance. Getting the permits is more so. Yes we own our house and no we don't have lease papers……

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