not quite !YAY! yet

updated 08/16/2010:  aw, fuck

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8 thoughts on “not quite !YAY! yet

  1. It would figure we left California for Tennessee. I am guessing between us and Kentucky there will be two states at least that will not have gay marriage in my liftime,lol. Ironic. I always laugh at the fact that I was a wedding planner in LA. Think of all the weddings I could do now.

  2. I still worry. I can't help but think that the ruling is heming and hawing and that when the judgement leans one way, couples have seconds to wed, before the judgement leans another way.
    Unbelievably, still a long way to go.

  3. True true…..a long way to go. They immediately announce on "the news" (said with much sarcasm and disgust) that there are "appeals". Well, whatever. I am still glad that rational people keep fighting the good fight.

  4. I wish you could plan Ashlee's wedding! Although she is doing a fine job herself! ;)I wish you and Kevin could come and have a double wedding with Ashlee and Ross!Ok….whatever I wish…..there is still a little bit of progress. A little bit at a time. I am happy for any progress!

  5. Like Aubrey said—the judge allowed a delay in implementing his ruling so the opposition could file an appeal, and it appears that's going on at this very moment.

  6. Of course it was. Most of the money came in from Salt Lake City, if you know what I mean.I saw a survey on the news: 52% of Americans in favor of gay marriage, 46% opposed, 2% undecided. In the 80's, it was only 20% in favor, so we have come a long way and the trends are positive.

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