I owe my soul to the Amazon store…

it'll take a while before Amazon owns my entire soul, though.  they keep da music cheap.  like this 31-track benefit album for $2.99.  embarrassing.  I bet they are counting on it – the force compels you to go and donate to one of their causes, say The Gulf Restoration Network  

just sayin'

outstanding tracks so far:

My Morning Jacket / Restoration Hall Jazz Band                         Carnival Time
Mike Mills (feat. Bonerama)                                                          Ohio
Erin McKeown (feat. Bonerama)                                                   Blackbirds
Nelly McKay                                                                                 Late Again

…so on..  and indie represents:   Bonnie Prince Billy and The Wrens

it sucks that you have to be in the US to get it.  


Proceeds from Dear New Orleans will be granted to New Orleans-based nonprofits
 working to support and sustain the region's unique musical and cultural traditions and to protect
 and restore vital environment and community resources for future generations.
Such beneficiaries include Sweet Home New Orleans and Gulf Restoration Network.

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5 thoughts on “I owe my soul to the Amazon store…

  1. nice. I am trying to keep my purchases to the bare minimum in August but this isn't for me. I'll DL it at home if I remember, thanks for the heads up.

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