finding our way in the darkness

most of us are overwhelmed.  dealing with the transfer, what to do with music, with videos, this nonsense about “categories”, how to handle comments, subscriptions,…

not that it would solve all problems or answer all questions, but here is a little tutorial, kind of “the ABCs of WordPress”, found at

hope it is helpful.


5 thoughts on “finding our way in the darkness

  1. I never posted that much music or videos, so it hasn’t been that bad for me. I’m curious to see what else we can do!

    • there seems to be much we can do once we get our sealegs. mobile posting is supposed to be much better, WP works better with smartphones (which I dont’ have), and it give us the ability to have multiple blogs.

      overall a more powerful, if less intimate, experience than VOX.

  2. It would appear that my posts made it over (albeit pw protected for the time being), but the pics did not. I used the flickr export so if I decide to repost an old vox post, I’ll still have access to the pics.
    But now that I think of it, I haven’t looked in my WP media folder yet. lol…

  3. I haven’t looked in my WP media folder yet.

    good luck checking there.
    I’ve heard from some that if pics are set to anything but public they won’t import. this is hearsay because all my stuff has been public all the time. still, worth checking

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