updated – I’m not observant

update 20100902 21:00 –  well fuck.  I’m more observant than I thought.  prescient even.  the original publication of this post predated the official announcement that VOX is over by a few hours.

like many others I am saddened.  I’ve made good friends here and have spent a lot of time using VOX’s blogging platform, and am was very comfortable here.

MOVING FORWARD – I have not yet decided if this is my last VOX post, but I do want to let my friends, fellows, peeps, cobloggers, know where I can be found:

–  I have a wordpress blog,  https://mariser.wordpress.com which is functional and where I’ve moved many of my VOX posts (not the most recent ones, though)   I may at some point set it up to point to my own domain (dormant as of right now) http://www.mariser.org

– I can be reached at email – (username)@gmail.com

OF INTEREST –   I will be more than happy to help anyone with the upcoming transition.  I highly recommend reading the guide that  blog friend and all around outstanding pal Ross has written on how to move your blog posts to another platform before starting the process of transfering/starting over. 


I don’t notice things for weeks, months.   no surprise me it took this long for me to note the footer of every VOX page reads:

Brought to you by Six Apart, creators of Movable Type, Vox and TypePad.
Six Apart Services: Blogs | Free Blogs | Content Management | Advertising

Vox © 2003-2008 Six Apart, Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

2003-2008 sad, struck down at such an early age. so much potential  [moment of silence]


at least we know now when Six Apart decided to pull the plug.  memento mori, VOX.


9 thoughts on “updated – I’m not observant

  1. heh. you noticed it first!We are the few amongst the porn/real estate spammers who have overtaken Vox like a jungle of weeds through a deserted city.

  2. If only they'd let us stay and farm the city! But instead they're going to bulldoze it and put up some TypePad condos and MoveableType townhomes.Sad sad sad sad news. I hope you guys will leave a comment on my post with where you can be reached, so we can stay in touch and regroup after Vox closes.

  3. I am stunned at my prophetic powers. should run out and get a lottery ticket this evening.I just updated this post with my contact information going forward. I'll be checking around your blogs for forwarding info.

  4. When I left August 2009, I clearly stated that I'd been having soooo many problems for A FULL YEAR.I know others said they didn't experience the same troubles, which were eponymous and oddly, intermittent.Like you, just prior to Vox's announcement, I've just about decided to RECOMMENCE blogging. Too many people sick, dying or trying to kill themselves over the past 2 years has made me an unhappy blogger (in addition to my job now having only 1/8 of its original workers — yup, still here!). Interesting timing all around.

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