give me an answer, give me an answer, do


8 thoughts on “give me an answer, give me an answer, do

    • heh. I haven’t voted yet, but I’m leaning towards the same choice. wouldn’t want to get The Bright One mad at me for lumping him with 6A

  1. @mrguilt: by trying and failing and trying and failing…
    is not clear, but I think you have to create an account with
    then create/edit the poll, OPEN it, and then from the POST are have the post on edit, insert poll (brings up a window with a list of the poll(s) you’ve created); checkmark the poll you wish to use and then select “share-embed” which will bring up several embed options. there is a very short one for WP posts. copy’n’paste in the body of your post, publish.

    CAVEAT: in my limited experience, you can do all the above and still the poll won’t show in the post. I had to delete the embed code, update, reinsert the embed code several times before it showed up.


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