I heart The Indelicates

The Indelicates are Julia and Simon



If Jeff Buckley had lived


go to The Indelicates site at Corporate Records to stream songs and buy their albums.


7 thoughts on “I heart The Indelicates

  1. Yay I found you or rather you found me. and I followed you home Hehehe

    Now if i can just figure out how to keep track of all my friends LOL

  2. Oooooo, I DO like them!
    Especially “If Jeff Buckley Had Lived”.

    Quite profound!
    …there’s a spark of religion in the chances we take….
    ….most wouldn’t know him if Jeff Buckley had lived…..

    I like their keyboard and guitars, too. Thanks, mariser!

    • heh. my fave are the ones about how critics would have ripped his 2nd album and ‘disappointing third’.

      The Indelicates are awesome. a cynical worldview you are likely to enjoy.

  3. I did get a big smile about Jeff’s second and third albums, too!
    I’m already enjoying them!

    Live on, cynicism!!!

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