awww. little blogs, they grow up so fast…

got my first search for porn today!

unlucky for them what they got was some chocolate porn I’d posted a while back. poor little person in Montreal Canada.


21 thoughts on “awww. little blogs, they grow up so fast…

  1. My god. Who is so unimaginative as to simply search for porn? Not even searching for anything particularly kinky.

    • it shows what a pure and innocent place WP is: my “chocolate porn” post is on the first page of results if you search WP for “porn”. back at VOX, it’d be on page 14000+ after all the double penetration videos…

    • it shows pics from my Flickr photostream. there is a widget (Dashboard –>Appearance–>Widgets) labeled “flickr” with instructions on how to grab your flickr RSS feed.
      it works even if you have a basic account, though the limit is 200 pics. you also have the option to show pics that are flickr-featured as ‘interesting’

  2. That’s hilarious! (Of course, now this post will probably get porn hits, given the nature of these comments. So, porn porn porn porn xxx sex hot girls!!)

  3. Maybe they were looking for chocolate porn…I’d rather see that than tw@ts.

    • I’m with you there, Tante

      though this serves as a reminder that not everything is better dipped in chocolate

    • just trying to be open-minded, silver

      …if you think ‘corn’ is bad, dont’ eveverevere search for ‘creamed corn’. them’s real sickos.

      • I saw a tweet the other day that made me laugh:

        “I’m okay with my kids thinking that Daddy is on the internet looking for corn” – @Hindsight5050

  4. LMAO.
    This post gets funniest at WP so far!!!

    *suddenly I’m handing out blog awards?* <—-Jewish mother voice

  5. LOL! The comments are the best part, which is usual for this place. Man, I love our community. <— which is what I was going to say on your other post about why we've lasted as long as we have.

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