memento mori

’tis a somber occasion, let’s begin with an appropriate quote

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him

VOX is done, over, finito, joined the choir invisible.  starting to stink a little, to be frank.

why this place mattered is that in a virtual world where about 95% of blogs that are started are abandoned, we (we know who we are), beat those odds.  we lasted, we endured; sure we took blogging breaks, went through manic posting periods, times when we struggled to find anything to say, but came back to this, dare I say, community.

the reason we beat the dismal odds is because of what I’ve come to believe is the lifeblood of blogging – comments.  as hokey as it seemed, the [this is good] in its 8-9 language variations, gave  us a jumping place from where we could let folks we read/ heard/ liked them.  [tig] took the worry away from “I don’t know what to write in a comment, I just liked it/made me laugh/made me think”. after [tig] came short comments, and replies, and replies to replies, and non-sequiturs, and some of these threads became things of legend.

I know we are all trying to keep in touch in the varied blogging platforms we are heading to – and that is good.

but as far and wide as we take our blogs, remember the thrill of getting your first notifications that someone had left a comment on your post:  wherever your blog lands, look for new folks writing interesting things and let them know you think [tig]

VOX is dead, long live blogging
from, the soon to be former home of the fabulous ms. Pants


23 thoughts on “memento mori

  1. as hokey as it seemed, the [this is good] in its 8-9 language variations, gave us a jumping place from where we could let folks we read/ heard/ liked them.

    I think there’s a possibility that WordPress could implement something similar. Under Personal Settings-> Personal Options-> Fun, I found ticking the “Surprise Me (Fun Mode)” option enabled me to mark my posts with “this post is super awesome”. Not as pithy as [this is good], but maybe they could implement something like that for comments.

  2. It was such a funny feeling when I got my first comment from someone that I didn’t “know” — that first invitation to be part of someone’s “neighborhood”. That affirmation that someone not only took the time to read what you’d written but that it made a good impression on them.

    I’m trying to use tag-surfer on WordPress to find other, like-minded people. We’ll see if it works.

    • It was such a funny feeling when I got my first comment from someone that I didn’t “know”

      it really was. back during the ‘good years’ (2006-2008) one could just go reading in the “Recently Posted” section and find all sorts of interestingness.
      and this was one area where PMs (Private Messages) were really useful – I wrote many that began, hi, you don’t know me but I found [your post] and would like to add you…

      • My “good years” were 2006 & 07. The tech issues crept in 08 which kept me FROM commenting, signing in (for neighborhood only), replying, etc. I put up with it a year and finally didn’t have any hairs left to pull out.

        What always seemed weird to me was how some people *didn’t* have the issues! “Why me? I love you?”

  3. [ I love this ]

    I am copying and saving so many of these Last Vox Posts because they are touching me so much and there is so much good stuff in them!!!

    *lights a candle*

  4. I think most of my Vox neighborhood made the Great Crossover to WP; but when I checked the list of people who didn’t, I realized a number of them had quit blogging months, even years before 6A announced it was taking Vox out behind the woodshed to shoot it. My own kids went to facefcuk and twitter, both formats I can’t stand (though to their credit, my daughters have professional/art blogs on WP), as did a lot of the other dropouts.

    But I’m so so grateful to have met you all via Vox, and I should thank the old girl for this. To paraphrase Jaypo, Vox is dead, long live the Vox peeps.

      • Well, really….in this day and age who should have to be typing in CODE ???

        Why, I knew of a place where you just clicked a “bold” or “italicize” tab and voila’, it appeared!!!

    • I think this election season is gearing up to be even better, what with the teabaggers winning primaries all over the place.
      who know what’s going to happen, but at least Canada will welcome us, right?

  5. Vox was dead. I blogged about that for a year before it went belly-up officially so I couldn’t be surprised when they announced bye-bye, only very relieved that they finally pulled it off life support. I blogged about that too. :)

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