I am really liking the ‘blog stats’ in WP

so much data in the Blog Stats – not only pageview counts, but ‘where from’, ‘where to’, and ”Search Engine terms’, which today brought this little gem:

when full of bourbon jockeys can wax poetic

"poem for someone who likes bourbon"

I felt bad their search wasn’t successful, so I wrote a bourbon-ku

Haiku for someone who likes bourbon

A half-bottle of
Maker’s Mark you forgot was
In your desk drawer


23 thoughts on “I am really liking the ‘blog stats’ in WP

  1. Ha, they are fun! But I’m wondering why WP has been looking at my blog: did I offend someone? Should something have been labeled “adult content?”

    Also, that graph that shows the number of visits to one’s blog can be a downer, especially when you see this huge dip in visits. Sky high one day, then progressively lower and lower until it’s at zero! (I must post more pictures of chickens and food. Bourbon is probably good too.)

    • WP looks at your blog if you have the “previews” enabled – hover over a link and a little window pops in.
      in re number of visits: is best to be philosophical about it. and to post more pictures of chickens and food.

  2. Handed over in
    a little glass of crystal
    auburn-colored warmth

    Mine’s not very good but thought I’d add to his selection.

    • I’m tempting fate by saying this, but I’ll leave the blog all hanging out there for everyone to see until I have a reason not to.
      [waves a dead chicken to scare away stalkers and other e-undesirables]

      • I have “block search engines” selected but all posts are public since ya know, anything on-line is accessible, really.

  3. The stats might be the sort of thing that gets me caught up in some sort of narcissistic shame spiral, so I’m keeping them at a safe distance for now. But, that is pretty funny and who knows what I’m missing by not checking. Ah, the dilemmas of blogging.

    Here’s my bourbon-ku submission:

    Bookers, Bakers, Beam,
    Woodford Reserve, and Knob Creek
    How I love you all

    Hope all is well. From the voxer formerly known as electric firefly (should have taken that blog name instead)

  4. LOL!!!
    Wow, a ku-group already! Way to go, mariser!!!

    My brain has shut off, but when it chooses I will write a booze-ku-too! :D

  5. OMG, Mariser. You…I love it!!! It’s interactive Google searching. Oh, I see someone Googled, looking for a poem for someone who loves bourbon, so I shall write one for them. Brilliant!!!

    I think this should be a new feature…

    • I know! I mean, as soon as I read this I thought…..mariser is the biggest marshmallow….writing a poem for someone “in search of”….

      You crack me up…and humble, mariser.

      mariser for Pope! Wordpope that is!

  6. Heh! “Bozuku” is a slang term in Japanese for an old-skool gangster. But I couldn’t resist coming back to try my hand at booze-ku.

    Oh moon! How lovely
    you are, seen through the warm brown
    bourbon bottle’s glass.

    (Not entirely original. I think there’s a Chinese poem in which the poet says everything looks more beautiful when you’re drunk.)

  7. This post is full of win. I love all of it.
    I need to look into my stats one of these days and see what that’s all about. Last time I checked I had a day or two of zero visits. Probably because of four days with no posting.
    Wanna win, gotta play!

  8. This is spectacular! I like the stats, too. I had StatCounter on my vox blog, which had a cool map showing me little pins all over the world, wherever my drivel carried.

    Hell has a place saved
    For any jerk who mixes
    Maker’s Mark and Coke.

  9. Great bourbon-ku, mariser.

    I’m so glad you kept
    the Jockey Full of Bourbon
    It’s the best blog name

  10. holy calf, you guys are awesome. fantastic.
    “ku-on-demand” could be a new feature.
    but for this one we are going to need something….

    like a ku-off!

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  12. Those blog stats must be taken with a certain grain of salt. They can be deceptive; for example, one blogger who views a post 12 times in a day — say to reread a post for information or view comments left by others via email subscriptions or stalk — I don’t mean that — or whatever else will jack up the stats. In the end, the popular blogs aren’t as popular as owners think and the unvisited blogs, well, pour those poor lonely souls a jigger of whiskey, willya.

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