from the department of stuff you didn’t know you needed

and now must absolutely have.

like the DSLR rig.

10+ Cool Accessories Every Photographer Wants.


10 thoughts on “from the department of stuff you didn’t know you needed

  1. That would be really useful for binoculars when you’re stargazing, too. Especially since the only binocs I have are my mom’s, which are 50 years old and weigh about 75 pounds…

    Wow, that’s some banner, mariser! For a second I thought that was a building behind it, and I wondered if it was the Raspberry That Ate Manhattan. :mrgreen:

    (This is TreeSweater, by the way.)

    • [waves at Tree Sweater]
      that would be a great use – lay back on a field and watch the stars. I’m sure your mom’s binos kick the a$$ of any currently made.
      heh about the pic. it’s what happens when you enlarge an already large picture.
      cute MadMen avatar, btw.

  2. By the look on the lady’s face, it also doubles as a Mark Eden’s bust developer. Because, if memory serves, the women in those ads also looked that happy and had their hands in a similar position.

    But I may just be sleep-deprived. :)

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