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VideoEgg, Six Apart form Say Media | Reuters.

” Sanchez will lead the combined company, while Six Apart CEO Chris Alden plans to leave. Six Apart cofounder Mena Trott is joining the Say Media board, which isn’t otherwise changing. (As Business Insider, which first reported rumors of a deal, noted, the two companies already share some investors, including prominent venture-capital firm August Capital, which should make for slightly less awkward post-acquisition board meetings.) The management structure of the combined company hasn’t otherwise been set.

The companies say they’ll have a combined global audience of 345 million. Some critics of such figures note that online-advertising companies often cite the potential audience for advertisements they place, rather than the actual number of people who see ads sold through their networks. ”


14 thoughts on “from the Color Me Surprised department

    • Hopefully they will be working on the next-gen of Vox…

      oh Dorothy! you always have such a positive and sunny outlook

    • “The new entity is clearly focused on building out a new-age advertising network, not on building out a blogging platform to compete with WordPress or Tumblr …It will be the beginning of the degradation of a platform that has already lost much of its relevance…While we don’t expect Movable Type or TypePad to go anywhere for a long time, we doubt anything new or innovative will come out of them, either.” From here

  1. Here’s where I make a face and say “in spite of all the teen angst, LiveJournal users were actually on to something.”

    As I said at the Diaspora, TechCrunch was figuring on this happening.

    • truthfully it is more like “Color Me Slightly Surprised”. I thought 6A would wait until VOX was fully shuttered before making the announcement.

  2. there is a easier way. on the top of the page there is a dark gray bar – look for “Subscribe” and click on “Subscribe to blog”. this is available on any WP blog, I think.
    on the same bar there is “My Subscriptions” where you can click to either read your subscriptions (kinda like the ‘neighborhood view’ in VOX. not quite, I know), and also “Manage my Subscriptions” – the default is to send an email when there is a post, but you can change it to no emails, or emails from some of your subscriptions only.

    gah. clear as mud. I can’t embed a pic in comments, I don’t think, so I’ll put it in another post.

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