Subscriptions in WordPress and managing subscriptions

first the graphic version (click to embiggen)

and the long wordy one,

there is a easier way.   on the top of the page there is a dark gray bar – look for “Subscribe” and click on “Subscribe to blog”.  this is available on any WP blog, I think.
on the same bar there is “My Subscriptions” where you can click to either read your subscriptions, and also “Manage my Subscriptions” – the default is to send an email when there is a post, but you can change it to no emails, or emails from some of your subscriptions only.


14 thoughts on “Subscriptions in WordPress and managing subscriptions

  1. Hrm, sounds easier than adding blogs to Blog Surfer, which has been my MO.

    • I tried Blog Surfer and dropped it like a hot potato when they released “Subscriptions”. one nice thing, is that “Subscriptions” shows posts by private blogs (if you have access, of course).

      • agreed on Subscriptions being much better, though I do like Blog Surfer, too.

        Readomattic (why two Ts?) is not very good, though…

        • I take Readomattic has the two “Ts” because it is a product of Automattic (also the creator/owner of WordPress).
          at least be thankful that “WordPress” is not “Wordppress”

      • you’ve got a point there, mariser!

        btw, have you tried posting audio files from *other* hosts, as an experiment? I want to be able to post MP3s on my blog, but I’m already paying for audio hosting over at and I think WordPress’ charge for the privilege is a little steep…

        what say you?

        • you can check the next post to see music files grabbed from my TypePad account.
          I’m using method number 1 from this WP Support article:

          basically all you do is open an audio tag – [audio
          then insert the music file link location – [audio musicfilelinklocation
          and close the tag – [audio musicfilelinklocation]

      • muitissimo obrgada for that link!

        i figured there had to be a way to link, but am only just getting my feet wet here and figured you might have a solution.

        • always glad to help. let me know if you have any problems.
          …I can find out if you are successful by seeing if there is music in your WP blog

      • I haven’t tried it out yet, but … since I’m always working on new audio embeds on my music blog – I don’t think I’ll have much trouble with it. (Though I sure wish they allowed plain HTML tags for audio linking here!)

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  3. I like the email functionality of subscribe. I can then hit the email when I have an opportunity and there are all the new posts right there. Sweet.

    • I prefer desktop feed readers for precisely the same reason, more so to say that it works better than e-mail did for me. I did feed reads in my e-mail client for a while, but found it lacking. I still subscribe to comments by e-mail, but that’s rather about it.

      I wish you’d put in Like functionality, mariser, so then I’d “Like” this post and then say I liked it, but…

      [this is good]

      shall have to suffice

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