Dan Savage’s itgetsbetterproject in YT

updated 20100924@15:28 – what this post needs is a theme song. take it away, Jill

Dan Savage has done many good things (remember Santorum?) and spearheaded many worthy causes, but the itgetsbetterproject is likely to be his crowning achievement.

take a bow, Dan.  in memory of Billy Lucas, the many more suffering today, and of all of us who made it out alive. *

* I’m not LGBT, notthatthere’sanythingwrongwiththat, but I can’t help thinking that the itgetsbetterproject also applies to the nerds, the weirdos, the outsiders, the do-not-fits, all of us great unwashed who look back on our high school years as far from “the best times of our lives”

If you’re gay or lesbian or bi or trans, and you’ve ever read about a kid like Billy Lucas and thought, “Fuck, I wish I could’ve told him that it gets better,” this is your chance. We can’t help Billy, but there are lots of other Billys out there—other despairing LGBT kids who are being bullied and harassed, kids who don’t think they have a future—and we can help them….READ MORE about the It Gets Better Project, in Savage Love, here: http://bit.ly/bYtxBd

via YouTube – itgetsbetterproject’s Channel.


8 thoughts on “Dan Savage’s itgetsbetterproject in YT

  1. I was thinking this afternoon about all the different prominent, professional, popular places that an LGBT person has taken up position now in our world. From small local roles to the big time fame. It’s great and makes me smile. They’ve been around all along, naturally. I think, look at the diversity among them. Now how can any bigot keep a narrow mind about them? I know, they still do. But what ground they still think they have left to stand on must be getting slippery.
    Thanks for sharing this, mariser. I didn’t know about it. Nice to read about good people.

  2. hope you can pass it on, pyrit. ’tis meant to be passed on, listened to, and thought upon.

    you are correct that bigotry is in on slippery ground and we can look forward to a better future; but it is a small consolation to the young and not-so-young feeling helpless and alone. the itgetsbetterproject shines a little light and throws a life preserver in their direction

  3. It’s a great effort. And I agree, this applies not just LGBT teens. There are so many reasons kids feel like outcasts, and they need to be told that it won’t always be like that.

  4. That Jill is a great gal. Currently,lol.
    Many people don’t realize how often adults have the opportunity to step in and not only do they not, they frequently egg on the little bastards doing the tormenting. There’s 30 million of us currently. or statistically. If all the kids were alive today that hadn’t committed suicide our numbers would be greater. If you add in all the people who died of AIDS waiting for our loving government to even acknowledge there was a crisis there may be a several million more of us. So there are more of us than there are Jewish people and Asian people combined. There are almost as many of us as there are African American people. And almost as many as there are Hispanic people. And that is without our disposable currently deceased numbers. Yet our laws and co-citizens take every chance they can to demonize and ostracize us. Until death seems a better option. Kids. Vulnerable and scared. Turned on by their “family values” promoting families.
    Great post. And by all means make your voices heard when anyone is marginalized by hateful assholes.

    • you know me, DB. I can’t resist a good anthem. plus I heart Jill.
      as usual you are more eloquent on a comment than I was on the post; to everything you wrote I say amen/ditto/right on.

      someday we’ll look back and wonder why we ever thought that it was ok to discard so many. so very many.

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