using audio files from elsewhere in WP posts

if your music files are hosted elsewhere, be your own server, *cough*TypePad*cough*, or if you just grab a music link and would like to use in it a WordPress post, here’s how:

basically all you do is open an audio tag – /%20then%20insert%20the%20music%20file%20link%20location%20–%20%5Baudio%20%20/%20and%20close%20the%20tag%20-%20audio%20musicfilelinklocation

with this result


found in this WP Support article:

thanks to WP for providing this option. there is also the option of paying $35/year to host music files in WP, or going to, or…


10 thoughts on “using audio files from elsewhere in WP posts

  1. I have a Posterous account (love ’em, too!) where I’ve got it set up to send “play link or download mp3 link” post to WP. I get it’s a pain for somebody to click the link but it works great for me (viewing/ listening or uploading).

    It’s another option for people :)

  2. Posterous is indeed another option. I knew you are using it but I hadn’t had a chance to play with it.
    have you tried SoundCloud? several posts on it appear under “Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)”

  3. Um… Isn’t there an option to set it to play off or something as well? Same kind of link and all?

    • possibly, K. there is much unexplored land ’round here.
      there may also be an widget, as VOX had

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  5. I’ve tested out SoundCloud based on this post.

    Free accounts get 2 hours worth of “space”.

    It took awhile for my confirmation email to arrive, and it’s slow moving to upload, but it took my file and gave me a code to drop into my post and it transforms itself into a pretty little media player.

    The second file I tried to upload it gave me an error, I tried it again and it went. Friday afternoons must be a busy time for them…

    • thanks for all the work and reporting grumbles. you know what they say, “the more you know…”

      since I already have a TypePad account, I’ll probably keep on linking music I upload there.

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