just the movie for Saturday night

we just finished watching the opening ceremonies of the World Equestrian Games on TV – looked great.

now is time to settle with a movie.  what to watch, what to watch…

got it!

Shark + Octopus = awesome

Sharktopus (2010) (TV).


10 thoughts on “just the movie for Saturday night

  1. Oh heavens! I have never heard of Sharktopus!

    We just watched “Up in the Air” with George Clooney. My opinion? Meh.

    Possibly a good message involved. And I loved the actress who played Alex. But otherwise…..I think Sharktopus would be better! :)

    Btw….watching anything “horsey”…..excellent!!

  2. I came across “Sharktopus” literally minutes before it started. it’s on the SyFy channel on cable. repeats tomorrow afternoon.
    …and yes, it is about as cheezey as one would think. tack-o-rama.

    haven’t seen “Up in the Air”. I trust your review. heh. “the three-letter review” = “meh”

    • Lol!
      Oh, it was ok. Maybe a 2.5 out of 5?…..simply relative to other movies recently seen! ;)

      I would enjoy “tack-o-rama” cuz I would watch it in MST3000 mode! :)

  3. If I was paying more attention to our staff meetings, I’d know rather than suspect that one of our clients will be distributing this title on DVD. If so – fancy a copy? It seems like it would – as they say on MST3K – ‘break the goofy-meter’.

    • We loved “Sharktopus”. It was so bad it was good. They knew it was cheesy and reveled in it.

      Puerto Vallarta looked very nice and fun in all the shots they used to pad out the movie.

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