fantastic concept and execution

…unlike most artworks on social or political themes, these markers don’t merely speak to the small group of viewers that seek out such work in galleries and museums; instead, they gently insert themselves into the public realm.  ”Are they real?” is a question viewers frequently ask, meaning “are they state-sponsored?”  I love this confusion and hope to slip a message in while people are mulling it over.

These markers are just the kind of public art I really enjoy: gently assertive and non-confrontational, firmly thought-provoking and pretty to look at and just a little bit subversive.

Gentle, Public Activism: Magnusson’s I-75 Project » Sociological Images.


20 thoughts on “fantastic concept and execution

  1. After having to drive past this billboard in Chehalis, WA so many times, I’m happy to know that someone in another part of the country is putting out statements of truth.

    Uncle Sam Sign Northbound I-5 at Chehalis, WA

  2. Talk about a non-violent approach. Love it! I hope they’re not in an easement or on a public right-of-way, so the city (county, whatever) can’t pull them up. Hopefully, they’re juuuust this side of the line and on someone’s private property where they can be left standing for a long long time.

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