a day at the park (horse park, that is)

lots of horses.   painted horses, traditional horse statues,

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not-so-traditional horse statues.

a take on the wooden hobbyhorse

metal and speed

crystal thunder from above

as (almost) always, more pics at teh flickr


20 thoughts on “a day at the park (horse park, that is)

  1. They are the most beautiful of creatures! In life or in art!

    I have loved my trips to KHP. I am so glad you are posting these pics!
    The Trail of Tears horse is so moving.

    • Pegasusses are Pegasusses for a reason.
      the motto of the Kentucky Horse Park is – …And Thou Shalt Fly Without Wings

  2. Wow, that’s just like the cow thing they did in Kansas City a few years ago. We have a statue done at the Kansas City Zoo that is a horse made from driftwood that looks so life like. If I get back to the zoo this year, I will get a picture.

    • driftwood can be very lifelike – all those tangles and cords mimic tense muscle under the skin.
      hope you get a chance to go to the zoo this Fall.

  3. I saw the wooden hobby horse on your Flickr account and thought it was like an East Indian horse figurine I had years ago. Do you know anything about the artist?

    But I gotta go there if I ever make it to KY again. I think I could spend a couple of days just looking at the horse art.

    • I went by the Kentucky Experience pavillion where the hobby horse is being displayed specifically to find out about it – there are two, but no plaques or other artist info – and the folks (wo)manning the pavillion had no idea.

      you are right on with the East Indian influence – I saw the same

  4. I like the metal and speed (speed metal?). It’s quite beautiful; however, when I first saw it I thought “Terminator Horse”.

  5. While the chandelier is cool in a way, it creeps me out, too. Some kind of demon-horse getting ready to trample from above.

    • it looked better in person. I guess my flash made it looked more yellow, as if licked by hell’s flames.


    I watched some of the show jumping on TV yesterday, or was it Saturday?, and I swear to Dan Patch I thought to myself:

    -I wonder if Mariser is there, sipping on a cool mint julep?-

    The announcer said they are doing Driving next weekend …. Jumping and Cross-Country are cool, but I am a pony cart kind of girl.

    • heh. that’s sweet. I’m trying to convince teh LK to take off a day from work Friday so he can go to the driving events and take lots of pictures.

      as far as a ‘cool mint julep’, it’d been gladly exchanged for a hot chocolate yesterday. it was cloudy and chilly.
      I’ve been volunteering alongside thousands of other Lexingtonians – it is fun being there.

  7. A horse is all nobility and gentility.

    The wooden hobby horse reminds me of the terra-cotta horses that were buried with their t-c masters so long ago.

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