Laurie! should I get this for your birthday prezzie?

updated: got it! couldn’t risk it getting sold out.

happy birthday laurie!

Woot® : One Day, One Deal™.

let me know what size you want.  I’ll sneak it in BA’s luggage when she heads back to Canuckistan.


20 thoughts on “Laurie! should I get this for your birthday prezzie?

  1. Super cute! How purrfectly appropriate!
    Isn’t it crazy when we see those perfect prezzies? I mean, when a friend of mine found a fridge magnet of a cow playing the saxophone, how could she not buy it for me?
    This is a great shirt. Good call on getting it while the getting was good!

  2. OMG!!! Coffee-ring kittehs. Someone was pickin’ up what Laurie is puttin’ down.

    the design also reminds me of littlemiao’s kitty doodles.

  3. Speaking of Canuckistan, that reminds me of the time I saw the sock monkey PJ’s in Target and texted Amy about it and she told me I HAD to get them for BrownA. I had the photo of her with them in my favorites but of course, no more.

    I believe OMG was involved in the text.

  4. I have a coffee cup that has cat butt prints on it. Like lipstick only not red. Eeeew.

    That has to be the most perfect combo of all time for Miss Laurie.

    • still available, e. but no later than midnight CDT

      send me a note with size and where to ship and I’ll put it in my w00t account. mariser at gmail dot com

  5. Hehe, I debated getting that shirt for myself today. If I didn’t already have two white shirts and two cream shirts, I probably would have clicked the gold button :)

  6. Hi — I’ve been out at my mom’s all day and got back late only to see this amazingness now! You’re too good to me, mariser! What an awesome shirt. Thank you for thinking of me!

    • you are superduper welcome, laurie. it’s my favorite kind of present-buying opportunity: when I see something and know who will love it. kinda like ames and the saxophone-playing cow magnet.

      buying presents because I-have-to ranks among my least liked activities. it makes the “omg, I found the perfect thing for ______” even more special.

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