“Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”, the poet said

he said nothing about Canadians bearing gifts.

so I’m safe enjoying these delicious goodies


malteses! maple creams! coffee crisps!

some of the best stuff from Canada. besides Canadians, that is


brought to the wild Kentucky lands by the charming and delightful Natasha and Amanda.  who are now, I hope, on the last leg of their trek back to Canuckistan.

we had a fantastic time.  great weather, great company, the world’s best horses and riders, rivers of bourbon…

the cats miss Natasha and Amanda – especially shy, easily-spooked little Pepper, who took to Natasha like I never seen him take to anyone.



25 thoughts on ““Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”, the poet said

  1. Yay! I’ve been wondering how the trip went! So happy to hear everyone got along smashingly! I knew the people would, of course, but so great about the kitties all loving their Canadian company!

    OMG! So many exclamation points! :-D

    • ’twas epic.
      we thought you’d have enjoy the reining and cowboy dressage.
      …and all the cute guys downtown

        • weird.
          I thought I was replying to ames

          and yeah, the cute guys were not the ones doing the reining. those were very skilled, no doubt, but middle-aged and paunchy. same thing with the driving

          the hottest equestrians are the show jumpers. yum.

          • Agreed on the men who ride jumpers, although I’ve also seen some pretty sexy guys competing in dressage.

            Reining = “girls'” rodeo event, like barrel racing and (so I’m told) goat roping. We don’t have rodeos around here, but barrel racing and reining are the highlight of local horse shows for many teenage girls.

    • never had Maple Cremes. haven’t opened the box yet as I fear they’ll be gone in seconds if I do
      Nice to have a friend in horse country.

      that’s what their fellow Canadians thought. I’m ashamed of the blatant price-gouging the local hotels engaged in.

  2. Weekends with good friends, great kittehs, and exotic nommables are the best, and can only be enhanced by Bourbon River. (Also, one should beware geeks bearing grifts ;)) Glad you had fun.

    • “weekends”. who said anything about weekends?
      it was an entire glorious week. the Bourbon river was swam across more than a few times.

  3. Maple creme cookies?! I’d almost be willing to move back to Minnesota for those. You can’t find them here on the left coast, but they were a staple out by the border.

  4. Cana’jians, eh? I grew up in Buffalo, right on the border with Ontario. My brother is married to a Canadian, and they live in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, about an hour’s drive from my folks’ house in suburban Buffalo (Kenmore, NY).

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