I love american musicals, and close to the top of the list is West Side Story – an innovative score by Leonard Bernstein, lyrics by the greatest american composer Stephen Sondheim, groundbreaking choreography…

most of the songs in West Side Story have become standards, performed by many of the best and best-known singers;  yet the best cover of any West Side Story song has to be this quiet little duet by the late, lamented, much missed Vic Chesnutt and Liz Durrett

Vic chesnutt and his band



8 thoughts on “somewhere

    • well. dont’ stop if you are going 90+ in the highway…
      but yeah, it’s a good one. a movie version with Natalie Wood is pretty faithful to the show. and the Missus may like it, being it’s all romantic and stuff.

      • So, bonus brownie points for watching a chick flick as well? Awesome. I introduced her to Nights in Rodanthe. Got major extra points for that.

  1. Nice version — West Side Story is still the musical “yardstick” that I hold others up to. Not too many get close.

  2. I never enjoyed the *film* version but played trumpet in a jazz band as a kid for the whole score and it was SO FING COOL/ fun. That was my favorite bit out of 3 years of trumpeteering :) The music, I love.

    My all-time fave musical (as a whole) was the Jewison version of JC Superstar. No accounting for taste, I suppose.

  3. very nice. Not a fan of WSS at all (dancing gangs?) but I liked this. Of course it won’t *let* me ‘like’ it for some reason.

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