fun afternoon coming up

fun fun fun fun

if you find high winds, thunderstorm warnings, funnel clouds, and keeping a watch for tornadoes fun. maybe not as much fun as it is exciting.

and we are sharing the excitement with a large swath of the country: the same system is bringing the first snow storm of the season to North Dakota and torrential rains to the Gulf states.
wonder what we’ll get?


21 thoughts on “fun afternoon coming up

  1. We’re just getting blustery, cold wind. It’s gonna blow all the gorgeous leaves away and it just turned fall a week ago. :(

    • it is blowing all our leaves too, but ours were already in the ground. Fall is usually gorgeous here, but the brutal drought this Summer caused the leaves to turn early.

  2. The storm started on the West Coast, so we already had a downpour that flooded intersections in San Francisco and knocked out traffic lights (oooh, Russian roulette by car), and high winds that almost shut down the bridges. My son was babbling “thank god for fenders on bikes and waterproof gear,” meaning I guess he actually rode his bike in the storm. (Heart skips.)

    But ouch! take care and don’t go out if you can help it. If it’s anything like Minnesota just before a storm, I’ll bet the grocery stores are jammed with people stocking up on supplies for the rest of the week.

    • we can (usually) handle t-storms, tornadoes, that kind of thing.
      but snow?
      snow causes Widespread Panic. even the prediction of a ‘dusting of snow’ causes the stores to run out of the four basics: milk, bread, beer, toilet paper

  3. If you can send the rain back here, that would be great. I wouldn’t mind seeing a tornado either..
    In return, I’ll give you the wind and cold TreeSweater was talking about

  4. It was looking pretty scary for us, too, but the big red blobs went over and we had lots of wind and rain. Nothing serious at all.
    I hope that’s the way the afternoon goes for you, too!

  5. The wind here is crazy. I had to walk home from school yesterday and it kept blowing me off course. It was howling all night. I hope the worst of it passes you by.

    • Well, I am “logged in” as Lauri, but if I was Logged On by that monster tree I would be in very big trouble!!!

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