turn off your damn cellphone!

even if it’s not technically necessary.

turn off your phone anyways.

“Flight attendants are required to make their preflight safety announcement by the Federal Communications Commission because of “potential interference to the aircraft’s navigation and communication systems.” Perhaps this seems like a no-brainer: turning off your cellphone inside a piece of technology as sensitive as an airplane. In our civilized times, there are only a few things imaginable which more likely lead to direct physical conflict with the person in the seat next to you than turning on your cellphone during takeoff and nonchalantly calling your hairdresser to reschedule that appointment next Wednesday.”

just. shut. up.

Disconnected – The Boston Globe.


10 thoughts on “turn off your damn cellphone!

  1. Man — you’re not kidding. I really am going to hate the day that wi-fi/cell phone coverage is standard on airplanes. May have to take a lot more road trips.

    Though that makes getting to Hawaii a little harder…

    • indeed. it is bad enough as it is.
      thank goodness for headphones, .mp3 players, and a scowling, don’t-dare-to-talk-to-me face

  2. I think it has something more to do with security than interference. Something about GPS on the phone and missile targeting, but that’s just a theory… **innocent whistling**

  3. As if I don’t want to slay people in lines at grocery stores, driving, walking and in restaurants for blabbing away at the top of their lungs on their cell phones. Just let me at ’em on a plane.

    • no kidding. I’ve been a retail/cashier peon, and nothing, nothing, raised my urge to kill more than having someone try to process a transaction without stopping their cell phone yaking.
      I favor retail establishments that refuse to serve folks unless they are off their cell.

  4. Talking once with a girl I know, for some reason it comes up about how you have to turn off cellphones during a flight. Her response? Oh, I never do. That’s stupid. I text during a flight.

    Thing is, her “that’s stupid” comment isn’t even based on some argument of how they don’t really interfere with anything, it’s just that she hears someone telling her something and she doesn’t think she should have to obey. Christ, no matter how many times I read it doesn’t affect anything, I still don’t want to be the one who proves them wrong.

  5. oh, I never do is neither an explanation nor a reason. it is the behavior of a child.
    it’s a passing thought, but sometimes I wish there was a plane crash and the headline would read – “ACCIDENT CAUSED BY JERK WHO WOULDN”T TURN OFF CELLPHONE”. then folks would fucking turn the damned things off.

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