on the 2007 US Congress.  ’twas them who decided the advantages of extending daylight savings time by over a month exceeded the disadvantages.

it does not.

all the computers in the house follow the pre-2007 guidelines, so we have to manually change them.   hass-le.   some of the clocks change, some don’t.

drives me cra-zay-zy

DST drives me crazy






17 thoughts on “curses!maledictions!poxes!

  1. Oh yes! All of those things and a big patooui in their general direction! For daylight savings stoopidity and all the other stoopidity they have perpetuated!!!

  2. I say, blessings on their heads! Adjusting a few machines here and there is a small price to pay for holding off my SAD another month. It’s the only thing they did right in the entire W administration.

    The UK is considering keeping it year-round and possibly going to double daylight in the summer. Sign me up!

    • I didn’t make allowances for SAD sufferers. my bad.
      the current lack of equilibrium messes with my sense of order – pre-2007 it was roughly six months ST and six months DST; now it’s like 7½ months DST and 4½ months ST
      I’d love to have it year-round.

      • while I like having longer DST (being one of those SAD folks), I do not like the current fall shift – it’s incredibly jarring (when we do change the clocks).

        And… right after the current date was set, I heard a piece on either “Marketplace” or “All Things Considered” re. who was lobbying for the late fall date: candy companies. They kept saying that it would be safer for trick or treaters, which would (in their tiny brains) somehow = more candy sales.

        ??? (But such is D.C. – I was once canvassed/lobbied by someone on Easter afternoon, when I was at a friend’s house and stepped outside for some fresh air.)

    • The UK’s current summer DST *is* (basically) double daylight – for us Murricans, that is.

      I spent some time in England during the summer and *loved* the fact that it was still light out at 10:00 p.m. (or nearly; twilight, I guess, when I was there).

      Gave me lots more time to get out and see things, people, etc. – and for an SAD sufferer, it was absolutely exhilirating [sp?]!

      • I was in northern Scotland for a couple of weeks one summer. It was GLORIOUS. I had to keep looking at my watch to remind myself to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

        But I’d hate winter there.

        My brother used to visit Saami (Lapp) friends near the Arctic Circle at mid-summer. He loved it, once he got used to the fact that the sun never goes down at ALL. They kinda envied his reasonable hours of winter daylight.

    • last night (today at 2:00am) was the “old” time to return to standard time (last weekend of October) –
      since 2007 the return to ST is in the first weekend in November – 2:00am on the night between saturday November 6 and sunday November 7

  3. I just wish they’d pick a time and stick to it. All the data proves that it does nothing except cause misery for 2-3 weeks when they fuck with time. Just to make shopping time longer. :p

  4. I can’t keep track of this stuff any more. Sheesh. I think I’ll just get up when it’s light and go to bed shortly after dark. Sound like a plan?

  5. I agree! It’s so dark in the morning now that we have to wait to get the dog-run in. I need some of that hour back in the morning!

  6. Hear hear! Stupidest change evar.

    Then again, I grumble at waking up when it’s dark right now (6:15ish). Next week, I’ll grumble about it being dark when I get off work (5:00). Either way, I’ll grumble until the sunshine comes back. Perhaps I need to move further south ;)

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