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Thomas M. Disch, poet and sci-fi writer, killed himself in July 2008, despondent over his failing health and a looming eviction from his New York apartment.  a sad loss of a fine writer, one best known by the sci-fi he wrote in the 1970s and 1980s, though he considered himself first and foremost a poet.

334 (1972) is one of Disch’s better known sci-fi novels – a dystopia set in in #334, a sprawling housing settlement in Manhattan, in the year 2025. the novel follows the inhabitants of #334 during a time when overpopulation has resulted in strict birth control programs in which only the physically and/or intellectually gifted are allowed to procreate.


334 by Thomas Disch

334 is also a place where time pivots forward and backwards…


7 thoughts on “334 – NaBloPoMo 2010

  1. he also gave us “The Brave Little Toaster” and the only overtly SF episode of “Miami Vice”, which most viewers regarded as WTF? but I have a great fondness for.

    he never got over losing the love of his life after many decades.

    • I always, always forget The Brave Little Toaster. thanks for noting it.
      which MV episode? you know I’ll have to find and watch it now.

      • #4.7 “Missing Hours”. Features a beatific James Brown as the head of a UFO cult, and a very young Chris Rock as a UFO buff.

        It was heavily rewritten by the regular MV writers, but is still WTF and surreal.

        on Hulu

        • Thanks for the link. I couldn’t remember that episode until I saw the scene where Trudi sees her face superimposed on James Brown’s. But I always thought Disch would have been a perfect staff writer for The X-Files. His work always seemed to foretell future events, like “The Priest,” where he wrote about pedophiles and blackmail within the Catholic church.

          • Yeah, that ep really prefigures a lot of X-Files.

            Plus, I love when Crockett wonders aloud if Chris Rock is a moon lizard with a zipper up the back.

  2. Terrific writer, and one of the scariest sci fi stories I’ve ever read.

    That’s also a pretty scary book cover. They don’t make ’em like that anymore.

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