you want your country back?

I want my country forward!



you want your country back? I want my country forward!








6 thoughts on “you want your country back?

  1. Did it a week ago by mail-in ballot. California makes it virtually impossible for you not to vote, unless you are determined to be a slacker citizen.

  2. You mean I get a choice? Hmmm, do I want my country back… That’s going to take some thinking. Who gets it if I don’t want it back? Is there some sort of support I’ll have to pay if we don’t get back together? I dunno… Let me talk with my attorney…

  3. Right on. Like HG, I do absentee. Hubby still does the old-fashioned way, with the little old ladies in the grade school library, which has its charm.

    about your pix on the side — not boring with P.Hank, Stevie E. and Sailor B. in them! (Babo is oft beset by kittehs)

    PS am sending you small package today, don’t know what rate it will be going yet.

  4. I know a lot of it has to do with the vagaries of the business and economic cycles, but dammit, I like what Obama has done so far. now I just hope he exercises his veto power often – the Republicans have shown over the last two years that their idea of consensus is “we get exactly what we want”

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