Bye Sparky – you were one of the great ones

The white-haired Anderson was a flop as a player, batting .218 during his only season in the majors. He learned to control a temper that nearly scuttled his fledgling career as a manager, and went on to become one of baseball’s best at running a team.



Sparky Anderson


“I got good players, stayed out of their way, let them win a lot and then just hung around for 26 years,” he said during his Hall of Fame acceptance speech in 2000.

via Hall Of Fame Baseball Manager Sparky Anderson Dies : NPR.


5 thoughts on “Bye Sparky – you were one of the great ones

  1. Although I know he was with the Tigers a lot longer than the Reds, it still looks wrong to me to see Sparky in a Tigers uniform. He was the best manager the Reds ever had. I know he’ll be missed around here.

  2. First Ernie Harwell. Now Sparky. Wow. All the greats from my childhood.

    Bye, Sparky. Thanks for the memories, the World Series and the autograph.

  3. I agree with M—–L (sp?): I never got used to seeing Sparky Anderson in a Tigers uniform. He was the tanned, white-haired admiral of the Big Red Machine. I got his autograph too, during a Spring Training game at the old Payne Park. Great guy.

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