did sister sarah and the teabaggers cost the republicans the senate?

it’s hard not to think so when looking at the senate results:



Nevada, Delaware, W. Virginia, Colorado, Alaska*:  states where teabagger favorites, enthusiastically supported and endorsed by the Tea Party Express and Sarah Palin, swept moderate Republicans in the primaries and went on to be defeated by Democrats in the general election.   Carly Fiorina in California was not as extreme as Delaware’s Christine O’Donnell or Colorado’s Ken Buck, but did get Sister Sarah’s endorsement – and lost.

*Alaska has not been called yet – on what could be an amazing turnaround, Lisa Murkowski, the Republican incumbent who was defeated in the primaries by Sarah Palin’s protege Joe Miller, is leading on the polls as a write-in.

moderate Republicans could have taken Nevada, Delaware, Colorado…  giving the Republicans control of the entire Senate.  interesting we have the teabaggers to thank for keeping the Senate Democrat.


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  1. Half the anti-Fiorina ads after the endorsement prominently featured that fact. The only worse endorsement she could have gotten would have been bin Laden.

    (The other half pointed out how many jobs she personally outsourced from a state that’s running over 10% unemployed.)

    I hear tell the mainline Republicans (like the RNC) are pulling out what’s left of their hair over the rise of the unwashed teabag masses.

    I’m just glad to live in a sane state, where people had the sense to go all Democratic, and hope the House won’t screw things up too badly.

  2. I find that really interesting, because I think it was an unusual amount of Republican/Conservative/Tea Party enthusiasm that made it such a big night for the GOP. But that also goes with the non-voting of minorities and youth, which helped the Dems in ’08 so much.

    Really fascinating strategy for the R’s in the future. How can they tap into Tea-Party-ish enthusiasm to vote, without requiring candidates that are so right of crazy, that the center won’t vote for them?

    • there’s no doubt that the conservative/Republican/tea party enthusiasm and turnout defined this election.
      but look at Nevada: Harry Reid has been in the Republican crosshairs, and Nevada was a target for takeover. yet despite Reid not being all that popular and all the spending in anti-Reid ads, he still won easily. because Sharron Angle, his opponent, is a nut. to put it kindly.

      • I am so pissed at Mitch McConnell, now. That shithead has said “if the Democrats want to get anything done they have to come to us.”….the Republicans have stopped anything from being accomplished for two years and now they are promising to hold up progress for two more years?!?

        And Obama is having meetings to get people to “work together”. UGH. It’s a losing battle when dealing with tea-douche-bags.

        I hope the tea party and the repubs gobble each other up.

        • O scary: Michelle Bachman, the nutcase from Minnesota, is demanding the #4 position in the House. I know the more exposure Tea Party leaders get, the worst it will look for them; but the havoc they’ll wreak in D.C. before people wake up and see what they’ve done—it’ll be like letting crazy people drive the bus. Mangled bodies and traffic blocked for miles.

          • That is the perfect visual. Mangled bodies. Wrecks that we just keep staring at because we can’t take our eyes off them.

            I’m scared and fascinated. And I want to move to Canada.

            • For the heads up, our right wing nuts are in charge in Canada. They’re not as crazy as yours, but they’re trying.

    • btw, I really like “right of crazy”. I’ll have to use that.
      yours is a good question: I’m sure Speaker-in-waiting Boehner is asking the same thing

  3. I’m so glad Ken Buck didn’t get elected. Man, that was close! (less than 20,000 votes separated them)

    One twist here was Dan Maes (Tea Party) didn’t get the endorsement from Sarah Palin. Everyone turned on him and it made me laugh

    • that’s the interesting part: we talk about the “Tea Party”, but Tea Party associates have only been successful when running as Republicans. Dan Maes (and Tancredo, who’s too nutty even for the teabaggers) are examples of what happens to those running outside the two-party system.

      • Dan Maes was running as a Republican. Tancredo was a Republican (non Tea Party), then switched to American Constitution so that he could stay in the governor race. So weird how it all played out

  4. Like LT said. I thought it funny though that Fiorina distanced herself from Palin when she realized that Palin is as popular in Cali as a fresh dog turd. We have tea baggers here, but a lot of them live in the rural counties and wouldn’t look too good next to the shiny white Lincolns parked in front of the Sacramento Hyatt Regency, where the GOP was preparing to move into the governor’s office.

    (I was ROFL while watching the late returns on the news and seeing the Whitman supporters standing, slack-jawed in disbelief that they had lost.)

    • I avoided all sources of news, but I kinda wish I’d seen that. So deluded that they thought a ton of money could buy high office for a lying, cheating, money-grubbing, illegal-immigrant-exploiting, non-voting, no-policy-having bitch.

      I heard Fiorina took approximately forever to call Boxer and concede as well.

      Guess the Hyatt made a few bucks on corkage and mini-fridge sales that night. Probably less business for the hookers, though.

      • hate to kick a dog when she’s down, but Whitman‘s unpleasantness runs in the family. Gawker has had several stories about her sons romps and indiscretions through Princeton

        • Ah yes, we all knew about those, which didn’t help her any. And of course she had to use her maiden name, cuz NO ONE would vote for her married one — and this is a state that elected a guy named “Schwartzenegger” and will again soon be run by Gov. Moonbeam (Jr.)

          • plus, dear Lord, with that much money she couldn’t find a decent stylist? Mr. LT got tired of me complaining about her terrible hairdon’t.

            • I wanted to make fun of Fiorina’s hair, but I found out the poor thing had gone through chemo for cancer before filing for her run at Boxer’s office. Later in the campaign she grew back enough hair to get it fluffed, so she didn’t have that mean-substitute-teacher look. I did wonder why with all that money she didn’t get a wig or extensions.

            • I thought Fiorina’s hair was pretty cute by the end, actually. Guess she was going with the sympathy vote. But a nice wig in the early stages would have helped.

              Whitman — no excuse.

  5. I must say, though, that I figured how the Calif. vote would go after the primaries. The guys who ran against both Fiorina and Whitman were established, moderate Republicans with solid records and experience. They just didn’t appeal to Sarah’s Teabaggers and didn’t have millions of their own to spend on TV ads.

    We can but hope that the mainstream Repubs won’t put the Teabaggers on any good committees, and keep them away from the best pork barrels.

    • I think the Republican party has a tiger by the tail.

      …you got it, now what are you going to do with it?

      • You know, I still can’t get over the fact that McCain grabbed up Palin (ICK, bad visual image) as his running mate and sort of started all this idiocy. McCain should have used some brains and Just Said No.

        • McCain was known as being lax with details and figured his team had already screened Palin before he met her. (We ought to be grateful he didn’t become president, the man apparently doesn’t bother reading reports.) His aides were aghast when they realized who she really was however, and did everything they could to keep her quiet. Palin says in her bio that McCain’s aides practically locked her in a closet to prevent her from speaking to the press, but she insisted on “being her own woman.” Would to god we could put her back in the closet.

          • Thank God the aides failed to shut her up — hope they were different ones than the ones who picked her.

            I thought another telling thing was the acceptance/concession speeches. Obama made a nice comment about McCain and his audience applauded. McCain made a nice comment about Obama and his audience booed.

            o noes we are in the skinny boxes again!

  6. I can’t wait for that Hezbollah sect of the repubs to branch off and become a REAL party to split the republican vote. then maybe we’ll actually be able to get shit done.

  7. Most sane Republicans (there are still a few) must be mortified to know that Palin and her teabaggers are going to get Obama re-elected in 2012 for the same reason the GOP didn’t win the senate Tuesday.

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