presented without comment

even freakazoids love puppies

the poor dog is soooo embarrassed. can't believe he let him out of the house with those shoes



…dude is a ginger?

butbutbut the beard…


15 thoughts on “presented without comment

  1. Dunno, but noticed two things:

    1) The guys to the back left, they like his ass.
    2) The woman in the back right, nice. LOL

  2. Harharhar!

    That’s gotta be from the victory parade in San Francisco. But if dude thinks he’s Brian Wilson, well, no wonder the dog looks embarrassed.

      • I couldn’t believe it until I found some photos of the Beard marching in the parade. OMG. He really wore those shoes in public.

        Well I stand corrected. But I hope he doesn’t run for mayor, not in those shoes, anyway.

  3. Oh, is this what the hovertext on the SF Giant puppeh post on CuteOverload was referring to? I’m not a Giants fan, so I didn’t know what the significance of “the beard” was.

    • yeah, the drunk puppy dreaming of ‘the beard’. that’s right.
      the chant in the park was “fear the beard”

  4. That’s why you must FEAR it.

    So many fans wore fake black beards during the playoffs. Even women and children and babies.

    He is saner than his musical namesake, tho.

  5. Oh man, those shoes. And the Ed Hardy-esque t-shirt, ICKO. I’m surprised they didn’t make them more swirly and tattoo-guy looking. I really hate all those kinds of shirts. Pat Burrell, I’m pretty sure, has a bulldog named Elvis.

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