Lord Kalvan of OtherWhen – NaBloPoMo 2010

since we just received a package of books and gifts from the lovely and talented LurkerType (see previous post), I decided to use one of the books she sent for tonight’s feature.

In H. Beam Piper‘s Lord Kalvan of OtherWhen, the main character is Calvin Morrison, a mild-mannered reporter… a Pennsylvania state trooper who is accidentally transported to a time both backwards and parallel to his own.


Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen by H. Beam Piper



trooper Morrison is still in Pennsylvania, but a Pennsylvania he does not recognize – one in which his .38 revolver can make a deep impression.  Morrison (Kalvan, as the locals pronounce his first name), becomes allied to one of the small kingdoms of the area.

back in Morrison’s contemporary time, the Paratime Police assigns one of its agents, Verkan Vall, to the tracking down and eliminating Morrison.


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  1. Check out Little Fuzzy, Fuzzy Bones and Fuzzy Papers too. hard to find, but excellent reads too. The guy was a good writer taken too soon.

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