packages, we get packages.

the postman brought a package from the beautiful Bay Area.  alongside a few stray tuxie hairs, there was a note from the delightful  LT and stuffs.

of course, everything that comes into the house automatically belongs to the Princess:


I swear, it wasn’t two seconds after I sat the package on the table, Hank was on it.

[…] eventually, Hank was distracted and I was able to open the box and found

a bright little elephant, from Subhangi via LT.   isn’t she the cutest?  and Lady Di eyes to boot.


a gift from Subhi via Lurkertype. thanks bebeh peep!


an anthology of feminist sci-fi, cleverly titled Space of Her Own

Isaac Asimov's Space of Her Own, Shawna McCarthy, editor


both teh SO and myself are fans of H. Beam Piper – imagine the thrill to get a couple of his books, a first edition of Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen, from where teh SO’s internet name comes, and Empire, a posthumous collection of stories from Piper‘s great Terro-Human Future History.

Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen by H. Beam Piper

Empire by H. Beam Piper


10 thoughts on “packages, we get packages.

  1. Yay! I’m glad everything got there in one piece. I’ve had heffalump and the books for months and when you announced your NaBlo topic and I realized it’s almost Subhi wedding time, I finally got off my lazy ass and mailed.

    (it did pain me to give up the books, but I read them again before sending and felt they deserved a good home)

    The tuxie hairs are unavoidable.

    • yep, everything got in perfectly. the post-it note “OPEN ME” on the newspapers holding the elofont was cute.

      we really appreciate the books and your thoughtfulness. we promise to treat them well. I’ll have to find some books around here that may be worthy of your collection

      • I didn’t want her to get thrown away but that was the best way to pad it.

        glad P. Hank enjoyed the box (so did HRT).

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