Picnic on Paradise – NaBloPoMo 2010

Picnic on Paradise is Joanna Russ‘s first novel, published in 1968.  set in an undetermined future time, it concerns a group of tourists in an “adventure” vacation, and Alix, the woman  responsible for the group’s safety.


Picnic on Paradise by Joanna Russ


Alix is no ordinary guide:  she’s a warrior from the Greek Mediterranean region, plucked from her time, ~4000 BCE, by the Trans Temporal Agency to serve as as guide to the tourist groups.  Alix was chosen for her skills, courage, and self-sufficiency; a good choice when things go awry and the group finds itself in a real dangerous situation and must rely on Alix to get out alive.

one of my favorite books – Alix is one of my favorite characters, and Russ does an exceptional job presenting her, and her interactions with the tourist group.  Alix is so real in her reactions and emotions in contrast to the vapid and jaded tourists, is difficult not to cheer for her.

bonus pic:  Hank agrees and thinks Alix would make a good cat


Hank approves


8 thoughts on “Picnic on Paradise – NaBloPoMo 2010

  1. I’m not familiar with either the title or the author. But I’m old enough to recall that at one time science fiction was dominated by male authors. Few women went into the field, and they tended towards quasi-fantasy: dragons, unicorns, empaths, interplanetary princesses.

    I’m headed for Green Apple Books tomorrow. I’m going to look for this novel in their sci-fi bin, though it will probably take an afternoon to sort through the older paperbacks.

    • Try Borderlands (on Valencia, in the Mission). Last time I was there, in their cafe next door, they had shelves and shelves of old paperbacks at serious cheap prices. I spent about $10 to get more than I could carry. Of course that was months ago so they might have cleared them out by now, or moved them back into the main store.

      Russ is a terrific author and fully worthy of P. Hank’s admiration.

      • I went yesterday and Borderlands were picked over. I asked the clerk if they would be getting more books soon, and he said they were saving a bunch for the Thanksgiving weekend, when the tourists and Black Friday shoppers come pouring into the store. But I have to remember to bring a backpack. Carrying books all over town in a plastic shopping bag is painful, literally.

        • No kidding. I had to make Mr. LT schlep my books home on BART. I didn’t know half the cafe was going to be cheap books or I’d have brought a backpack too. I’d like to get back there but it costs me $11-12 to get into town and back nowadays, so I need srs bzness to go.

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