Up the Walls of the World – NaBloPoMo 2010

after making a reputation in sci-fi circles and winning awards on the basis of short stories, in 1978 James Tiptree Jr. published her first novel, Up the Walls of the World

Up the Walls of the World by James Tiptree Jr.



Up the Walls of the World is the story of a group of sensitive human telepaths working under a secret military project; the aliens of Tyree, a faraway world that can make a psychic connection to the humans; and “the thing”, the Star Destroyer, moving through the universe, leaving a path of destruction.

as the Star Destroyer moves closer to Tyree, is there a way out?


6 thoughts on “Up the Walls of the World – NaBloPoMo 2010

  1. I was reading some old anthology which commented that “all the best new writers in SF are women, except Tiptree”.

    I LOL. Had they but known.

    (how anyone could believe that “Houston, Houston, Do You Read” was written by a man has always been beyond me, though)

    • and most especially “The Women Men Don’t See”. it’s way too female for even a feminist man of the time to have written it.

      (By the time this novel was published, it was known)

    • I feel sorry for Robert Silverberg, who wrote a spirited defense of Tiptree Jr. as a manly man a few months before [announcer voice] THE TRUTH WAS DISCOVERED [/announcer voice]

      eat crow, Silverberg

  2. I’m only familiar with her short stories. That she wrote a novel is new to me. “Houston, Houston, Do You Read” is a classic in the genre, but I thought it was funny that so many people assumed Tiptree was a man. The professor who taught the sci-fi lit course I took in college used to go on and on about how most of the best stories were written by men, and then he assigned “Houston” for us to read. Ha! I wonder if he’s still around, kicking himself.

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