Nashville is still trying to recuperate

from having Cranky, Creaky Geek, Myke, Kev, teh LK, and I all together.  whenever we weren’t talking we were laughing. a fantastic time with fantastic weather to match.

the LK took all the pics – I had a camera in my bag and never even took it out; Sailor Babo made it out of my bag on a couple of occasions.

pics of the “Nick at Nite” show are in flickr;  we didn’t get pics of Craig Ferguson but Cranky was there to save the day.

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the LK and I had met Cranky in person before, in Boston in 2008;  seeing her in Nashville was as if we had seen her two days ago – we immediately set to talking.  she’s the farthest away from Cranky one can imagine. sweet, thoughtful, and up for everything.

Kev is as sweet in person as he is online; he and teh LK have a lot in common, since they grew up in the same area and remember a lot of the same events.   Myke is as funny as he is here and then some.   Kev and Myke are also super thoughtful: they had gift bags for us and sent us out with lovely parting gifts.  and their house is absolutely beautiful and full of personality, history, and WIN.  we got to meet the lovely Tater (not-so-lovely at the time due to an injury, poor sweetie. but she’s better) and we got to see Millie run the heck away from us.

we didn’t get to spend a lot of time with Jan due to previous commitments – she’s fun and sweet and can’t wait to see her again.  it was she who tipped us about Craig Ferguson, who was awesome.  so thanks, Jan!


15 thoughts on “Nashville is still trying to recuperate

  1. Yay! very nice summary and pics. It was great to see you guys and meet the others. I’m still in a good mood from my weekend. Oh gosh, neither of us mentioned the cupcakes with the frosting pompadours.

  2. Can’t wait for you guys to come back. I think LK’s idea of a Mammoth Cave party would be great. Kevin has been there so many times and I have never been. He loves familiar and I love never been there, done that. A win/win. Maybe we could get some of the other special kids to meet us. Has there ever been a camp out meet up? That could be hysterical. Is there a place to rent a Yurt in Kentucky?

    • Well, my friend in Lexington who was maybe going to come for the show asked if I was going to come visit sometime, so I am thinking of driving (with Elvis..dun-dun-DUNNNN) there, maybe taking my time, stopping in Pittsburgh and Cincinnati to see some baseball games, so maybe we can arrange something…but that would be in the spring or early summer probably. (If at all, I may get hold of my senses about drving that far and long with the dog)

      • We drove from LA to NY with Tater, Gully, Millie, and Lolo. It was not an easy feat. Farty, poopy car and that was just Kevin. When one of the kitties let loose blechht!
        Mammoth is really cool. Kevin used to camp inside the cave when he was a wee boyscout.
        I love the sports stadiums in Cincinnati. My other Marisa friend went to the Steelers/Bengals football game a few weeks ago and had a blast. Now that Redz haz a cheeseburger, I mean boyfriend who can Flanny and Sippy sit we need to drag her buns out for a roadtrip.

      • that would be awesome. a driving trip!
        I could fly to Philly and help you drive down here.
        the Spring would be great, early baseball games and Keeneland racing!

    • a yurt/camping meetup could be… interesting.
      teh LK got a pop-up camper for his truck earlier this year and we havent’ had a chance to use it.
      we love Mammoth Caves and would love to go with you guys. there’s a historic tour that’s pretty neat. I don’t think you can camp inside the cave anymore.

  3. Is that a Cadillac Coupe de Ville in that photo? Does it belong to someone you know?

    But jeezus, you all look so good in those photos! Nashville should be so lucky it had you on its streets!

  4. It was such fun meeting everyone in person, but it really felt like seeing friends I’d known a long time because, well, after all…!

    So glad Cranky, Mariser, and LK enjoyed Nashville, and I know Myke and Kev had everything to do with that!

  5. Looks and sounds like you all had a great time. I wish I could have made the Chicago meet-up a while back. *sigh* and Craig Ferguson too…Wow.

  6. Well, heck. I could’ve drive THERE…although not stayed anywhere without fundage but still! Shoot. I didn’t see that it was a meetup til now. I thought it was just youz guys.

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