my favorite holiday.  what’s not to like about cook, eat, watch football, eat some more, and sit around while in a tryptophan coma? - I'm thankful for a holiday that doesn't require atonement or starvation

happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating it.  happy Thursday to those who don’t.

we are heading out to the folks for a couple of days.  we leave you with an amazing, blistering guitar solo:

aw fuck.  embedding is disabled.  go watch/listen here:

Allen Collins is sublime.


12 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Allen Collins was awesome. He always looked like a little kid up there, jus creating noiseful joy on his Gibson Explorer.

    Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels. :-)

  2. no shopping or gift-giving either. just food, food, and more food. with leftovers for Friday sammiches and trimmings for the critters.

  3. Happy Turkey Day to you and Lord K too! Tho’ I kinda wish I was spending the day with the Indian in-laws, who are vegetarian and thus partake of no bird flesh. They skip the turkey and go for a fiery and delectable curried chickpeas with naan instead.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you and LK as well! I love Thanksgiving because it’s about getting together with people you love. Maybe that’s because I always celebrate with my friends here in Arizona and not with the crazy side of my family that the H’s will have to visit tomorrow in Michigan.

  5. It’s the one time of the year I can celebrate having a big mouth. Eat, give thanks, eat some more, more giving thanks, eat more, letting out the pants and giving thanks…

  6. Yay for comas. Going to somebody elses house is the best plan of attack. They have to clean the house, buy the food, cook the food, clean up, kick you out. Too much work to interfere with massive consumption. I will turn that glory over any day and lay around fat and happy.

    Football!!!!!!!! Basketball!!!!!!!!! Tofurkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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