CITY – NaBloPoMo 2010

The first question, of course, is whether there ever was such a creature as Man. At the moment, in the absence of positive evidence, the sober concensus must be that there was not, that Man, as presented in the legend is a figment of folklore invention.


CITY by Clifford D. Simak


the legend is a compendium of eight tales that are told as Dogs keep up the oral history of a far far away time and place before the time of Dog, a time of Man.

through the tales we are taken from the time when Man ruled the Earth, builds robots and Dog is man companion.  later Man is able to communicate with Dog, colonizes Jupiter and abandons Earth to the peaceful and pacifist Dog.



3 thoughts on “CITY – NaBloPoMo 2010

  1. I haven’t read this one, unfortunately: but I did have the honor to meet Mr. Simak. He was an editor at the old Minneapolis Star, where I got my first post-college gig. He’d retired by the time I was hired, but he still came in from time to time to visit his old cronies. Nice guy, but as usual, I was dumb and didn’t realize he was THE Clifford D. Simak who wrote “The Big Front Yard.” I could kick myself now.

  2. It’s a lovely, lovely book, as most of his were. Nobody ever did rural science fiction as well as he did. I got a fantasy of his I’d never read in a bundle of 12/$5 books a couple weeks ago. He was truly a gentleman.

  3. it is a charming book. Simak‘s affection for, and understanding of dogs shines through. it is a gentle tale, full of humanity and of compassion.

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