War Room’s Hack Thirty – Salon.com

genial project by Alex Parenee.  these 30 need to be banned from public political discourse.

the top 30 political hacks in the country

War Room’s Hack Thirty – Salon.com.


4 thoughts on “War Room’s Hack Thirty – Salon.com

  1. I read this earlier on Salon and felt vindicated. Except for Nicholas Kristof, who actually does reporting (gasp), the columnists at the NY Times write as if they had their heads up their asses for all the insight they provide. (I used to like Frank Rich, but since he stopped writing about the arts he’s become like the guy at the dinner party who won’t shut up.)

    George Will has a mentally disabled son, so when he gets nasty towards liberals (who are responsible for creating public programs that help people like his son) I shake my head in disbelief. Talk about displacement issues.

    • I didn’t know about George Will’s son. what a hypocrite.

      Frank Rich’s rants have become a bit tiresome, kinda like Keith Olbermann’s “special comments”. political rants are best when they are (somewhat) rare.

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