bedside reading

yep, that R Crumb

The Book of Genesis illustrated by R Crumb

very engaging so far.  I just finished Noah.


6 thoughts on “bedside reading

  1. i’ve been interested in reading this since it first came out. and by “this”, I mean the graphic novel version.

  2. ya know, for me, most all your photos are cut off on the right side. about 1/4 of it in both photo and caption. and when I click to see it by itself, it’s still busted.this one, the 2 of Babo, etc. the books have been ok.

    this one, I see GENES, Illustrat, and only Adam’s arm and leg.

    doesn’t happen on anyone else’s and I have looked in different browsers. maybe the theme?

    • odd.
      this is the first I hear of it.

      only happens in big pics like this one?
      I’d think that it’d show after you click-through but is still busted.


      • this one gets worse after I click thru! :O

        Sez GEN, Illust, and only part of Eve.

        same thing of the pic of SB packing himself to go to Nashville.

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