Congress has officially ran out of excuses


the Pentagon released the results of the long-awaited study on the possible impact of gay men and lesbians openly serving in the US military.  their conclusion:  there would be little impact and “Our military can do this, even during this time of war.”

The study noted the military had faced far stronger resistance to racial integration in the 1940s and 1950s, when the armed forces were emerging from World War Two and in the midst of Cold War tensions and the Korean War.

“But by 1953, 95 percent of all African-American soldiers were serving in racially integrated units, while public buses in Montgomery, Alabama, and other cities were still racially segregated,” the study said.

The survey of just over 115,000 troops on ending the ban on gays showed a solid majority did not believe repeal would affect their ability to do their jobs. Some 69 percent believed they had already worked with a homosexual.

via Military study gives green light to end gay ban | Reuters.


14 thoughts on “Congress has officially ran out of excuses

  1. It’s hard to believe we have so far to go. But when we look back at how far we have come, I have to believe there has been progress.
    It’s just so damn slow!!!

  2. Hopefully once the people who haven’t figured it out yet realize they’re already working alongside gays and lesbians and it just isn’t a big deal, this will become a non-issue (well, except for the fundies, but that’s a given).

  3. Well the one excuse is that that the straight soldiers who can handle being shot at, their comrades blown to pieces, marching across jungles and desert etc., can not handle that one of their fellow soldiers *might* think they are hot.

  4. I suspect it has never been the enlisted men and women who objected to working with gays, but a bunch of homophobic members of Congress, most of whom have never served in the military.

    Macho posturing, gender insecurity and projecting a GI Joe image on military service have gone hand in hand far too long.

  5. I usually want to point out to the knuckle-draggers who howl about being scoped out in showers and groped in the locker room that the only reason they think that way is because that’s how they treat women so their assumption is that all men think the same way. Their real problem is that they don’t want to be treated like (how they treat) women.

  6. Umm… Does it matter anything at all if someone is willing to risk their life in defending our country?

  7. I heard the Gates’ comment and just rolled my eyes.

    WHO THE FUCK CARES? It’s the military and it’s STOOPID. You issue an order and it’s followed. Who gives a flying FUCK what Jimmy Jo Bob says?

    And I’m from a service family–hence saying STFU and just do it. It’s another case of the rest of the world laughing at how idiotic and childish the US is.

    Oops, too opinionated? AUGH! I’m so TIRED of this.

    • ‘zactly. the comparison with the racial integration of the US Army is on point. Jimmy Bob would not have agreed to his unit being integrated if he’d been asked.
      he wasn’t asked
      he was told

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