World AIDS day 2010

remember those who are sick
remember those who died

9th ward new orleans march 2007

(picture taken on New Orleans 9th ward, March 2007)

make your own poster to support World AIDS day at:


healthcare is a human right


4 thoughts on “World AIDS day 2010

  1. One of my cousins was an early-victim in the 80s. People suck–they were not supportive. Things are getting better but it’s still such a cruel disease.

  2. I’m remembering my friend Toby today. He died almost to the day 14 years ago. I went to see him in his parent’s home as he tried to hang on. I have never, EVER seen anything like it.

  3. It’s better than it was. Those early days were scary. Watching friends waste away so quickly was beyond imagining.

    hope there is a vaccine some day, esp. for Africa’s sake.

  4. Very nice poster. I need to bookmark this post so I can hopefully do one for next year.

    Like others, I remember the awful times of watching people waste away and die from a disease that, at that time, didn’t even have a name and was a complete mystery.

    I also remember being at the 1996 display of the entire AIDS Quilt on the National Mall in DC, and someone coming up to me and telling me they’d just heard on the news about some new “cocktail” of medicines that was being reported as a possible ray of hope. Turned out to be a turning point.

    But each December 1st it’s important to remind people that we’re not out of the woods on this one, not by a long shot. People still need education, testing, and support, and that’s one reason your post is so great.

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