the united states of autocomplete

can you tell is college football season?

via 101203_autocomplete.jpg (JPEG Image, 850×625 pixels).


11 thoughts on “the united states of autocomplete

  1. Yah, we WISH Prop 19 had passed. Not that it’s stopping anyone in my ‘hood from smoking their medicinal herb.

    ROTFL at the Illinois Lottery!

    • it still puzzles me that Prop 19 didn’t pass. I thought it was only in the fly-over states that big money + media were able to convince folks to go against their own good

      • We were up against the Mormon Church, a group of African American and Latino preachers, and MADD, among others. The opposition really was grass-roots, though the local news media didn’t help by interviewing the flakiest-looking pot growers on the West Coast. Analysts think the proposition could pass if put before the voters again, however.

  2. Pfft on Michigan football. All State, all the time, baybee!

    This was a pretty funny map. Thanks for sharing!

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