a personal appeal from…

if you’ve visited wikipedia recently you’ve noticed those top-of-the-page banners featuring Jimmy Wales or a rotating group of wikipedia contributors asking for financial support for teh wiki. all these appeals begin with the words a personal appeal from and you’re supposed to click through and give, give, give.

I havent’ clicked through. but I did find this personal appeal generator elsewhere:

Steven Elizabeth wants you to kindly STFU

Steven Elizabeth wants you to kindly STFU

note: for some reason the picture didn’t show when I copied the code from the generator site.  I had to screengrab the page and crop it with MSPaint.


13 thoughts on “a personal appeal from…

  1. And I’m guessing Stevie would like donations in the form of kibble, or if you’re feeling generous, perhaps small fish.

    • of course, I had to go look up “internet begging”. how very meta that the first result is to a wiki page. with the a personal appeal from banner right on top.

      • Like wiki leaks! When the govt produced a secret document naming major national security risks, it named Wiki-Leaks. In no time flat the whole document appeared on WL! so meta!

        I’ definitely give $$$ to Stephen E.

  2. LOL! Too bad youcan’t sneak it in with the RL banners. I even got an email cuz I’d responded to the last appeal. Turning into another public tv/radio…

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