destruction is sad and looks cool

watch the collapse of the Minneapolis Metrodome from the inside


9 thoughts on “destruction is sad and looks cool

  1. I am SOOO glad I’m not there. One of my Minnesota friends just emailed me and said there was so much snow piled against their back door, they couldn’t use it to get to their garage. Not that they’re going to be able drive anywhere for the next two days.

    • it’s crazy, no? you’d think that Minnesota could handle anything related to winter weather, but this is one of those “one-hundred-years” situation

  2. The weather here has been so crazy this season. I’ve never seen so much snow fall in less than 24 hrs. And it wasn’t warm fluffy snow, it was bitter cold merciless snow.

  3. I’ve seen this a bunch, but watching it again you can see what I think are people on the field. They must have been standing there getting video? But maybe it’s my eyes playing tricks on me. I can’t imagine anyone would let them in on the field to film, but there are some camera angles looking up. Hmm..

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