Top 25 Gawker Passwords

Top 25 passwords used by Gawker media commenters in descending order

oh my.

there we go, blithely ignoring ALL THE RULES (8+ characters, alphanumerical, MiX OF cAPs AnD LoweRCAsE)

except for you, trustno1 – but you lose almost all your cred by using the universal password of 12-year-olds.


via buzzfeed News.


26 thoughts on “Top 25 Gawker Passwords

  1. I am proud to say that mine did not get hacked, precisely b/c it was lower/upper case, plus special characters.

    it was a great password and I miss it since it’s changed now.

    trustno1 is an X-Files reference, so people would have to be older than 12 to use that.

  2. The trouble with passwords is remembering them later. So, like everyone else, I write them down and keep the paper handy…which defeats the purpose of a password. Right?

    I’ve started using words and names that are fairly easy for me to remember, then replacing random vowels with @ or 3 or some other numeral/symbol.

    • yeah, I do the same thing, and I have a list at work too, but sometimes I need a password that’s at home so I change it, leave it at work and then I need it at home and I have to change it again. It depends on what I am logging into, but I use variations of the same couple passwords too. I have also used some of these too (like “password” if it’s something unimportant). I found out a few years ago that ‘monkey’ was a popular one, and I’d used that one too.

    • Awwww….geeks are awesome!

      I use a random one assigned at work. No one…not even myself can remember it.

  3. Some IT guy at my old college told me that even with their rule of creating a password mixing caps with small letters and numbers, people still tried to use 1234 as a password. I used to use words from Star Trek (ispeakklingon)as passwords until some geek hacked the one I used for the anime forum I used to moderate. (Yes, stop laughing, I know I am uber geeky.) Now it’s strictly alphanumeric, with no known English words or names in the password.

    • Ubergeeks unite!!!

      I have been a Trekkie since the 6th grade, HG. I haven’t gotten into any of the subsequent series…but the movies have been tons of fun!

      We need to hear more stories about this anime forum you used to moderate. I’ll trade you stories about the M.U.D. game I was addicted to. I was an “Immortal”…the Wedding Immortal, to be exact. ****LMAO****

      • *Covers face in embarrassment*

        I don’t think anyone should be subjected to an account of my experiences as a mod for a Dragonball Z website forum. I mentioned it in passing on my old Vox blog, but I felt like it was part of my early internet experience that shouldn’t be discussed in detail.

        But I still love Star Trek: The Next Generation, which is being shown in reruns on the SyFy Network. Patrick Stewart makes me weak in the knees. Deep Space Nine is my other favorite. The old original series, not so much: I love Leonard Nimoy, but I think William Shatner has finally found his level in that new show, “Sh*t My Dad Says.”

        • Shatner has just continued to decline, hasn’t he???
          I forget what horrid commercials he’s in, now!

          I always loved Leonard Nimoy, too. And Patrick Stewart is NICE!

          • I actually think he’s funny in those priceline commercials. Like I said, he’s reached his level as a world-class character actor. :p

            I saw both Leonard Nimoy and Patrick Stewart years ago at a giant sci-fi convention in Chicago: I almost died of happiness. Of course, they were charging $10 for an autographed photo of themselves. No thanks to that offer! but I wish I had a digital camera back then.

            • Ooo, wouldn’t we have loved to have digital cameras for so many things?
              I thought Shatner was pretty good in the Priceline commercials, too. He was in some cheap tawdry local ambulance-chaser commercial around here and I was disappinted in him.

        • ooh, I like both of those shows myself – but I’ll take Avery Brooks over Stewart anytime! (Preferably with goatee and shaved head – and I don’t generally even *like* seeing guys with shaved heads, but on him – wow!!!) His voice has a lot to do with it, too. He’s got the Shakespearean actor voice thing going on, but I think his is much more wonderful to listen to than Stewart’s.

          Stewart, however, ain’t bad…. and he is by far the best starship captain type in all of the series, imo. His cool under pressure is … well, let’s just say that I understand the “weak in the knees” deal.

          • I like Stewart for the reasons you mention about Avery: Shakespearean delivery, looks very comfortable with his appearance and age. I confess to a weakness for British-inflected voices however, as long as the person doesn’t act like a toff.

            I also had the pleasure of seeing Stewart as Prospero in a stage adaptation of “The Tempest.” The audience was filled with Trekkies who I don’t think were familiar with the play, but Stewart’s performance confirmed for me his gifts as an actor as well as Starship captain.

            • I would love to have seen Stewart as Prospero, because he seems made to play that role!

              And, like you, I have a weakness for the kind of English accent he’s got. I was fairly crazy about him during the run of TNG, but then Avery Brooks came along and I was/am kinda “Patrick who?” (True after he started shaving his head and grew the goatee, though not before – something about that combo + his voice and bearing just reduces me to a Jello-like state.)

  4. During a password audit, it was discovered one of the employees had the following password:


    When asked why such a long password she replied:

    “I was told it had to be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one capital!”

  5. An ex-coworker’s was trustkn0w1

    Ya know, she mixed it up a bit.

    I was famous for using “art” and “art” as my username and password at work because IT’S NOT MY COMPUTER. We always have to ask each other our passwords anyway (we’re always hopping on somebody else’s machine), so why even have individual ones? If I were the supervisor, they’d all be the same. You don’t own it or anything on it…ya know?

    So, I have all these usernames and passwords in my head from the past 15 years, whether that person is here anymore or not.

  6. ah, that reminded me to change my oooooooold email password into something more complicated :) (It wasn’t any of those listed here, though! Lol)

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