memento mori

I cried when Frank Zappa died. I was in my car driving home from work when I heard the news (via NPR, natch) and had to pull over as my eyes were filling with tears. once off the road I had a good long cry.
Don Van Vliet aka Captain Beefheart died today in a California hospital and I havent’ cried (yet).

the good Captain and Frank Z. were big parts of my precocious youth: I was eleven or twelve when I got Trout Mask Replica; my mom threatened to kick me out of the house over it

Trout Mask Replica

…good times

I did get kicked out of the house a year or two later for playing Weasels Rip My Flesh nonstop

Weasels Rip My Flesh

I don’t much listen to their music anymore, but they were formative in my life – the soundtrack of my early teen years, good times, mistakes, and the good times I cant’ remember.

have good winds at your back, Captain Beefheart, and say hello to Frank for us.


5 thoughts on “memento mori

  1. Damn. :-( Trout Mask Replica is one of a kind. I especially like the two versions of “Hair Pie” because they show the guys know what the hell they’re doing and how orchestrated the chaos is.

    Best line: “…and I took off my pants and felt free!”

    He’s really free now.

    (I remember when I heard Frank Zappa died. I was driving, too. I didn’t have to pull off the road–I was almost home anyhow–but I probably teared up.)

  2. Oh no.
    I hadn’t heard this.
    Sitting here tearing up now.
    There’s getting to be quite a group up there.

  3. I read this earlier but couldn’t comment because I got choked up and had to run for a Kleenex.

    Captain Beefheart was one of those discoveries that permanently warped my sense of humor and turned me into the anti-social anarchist that I am today. He now spreads his influence via my son, who took my “Trout Mask Replica” CD to college with him.

    I also remember being so happy while watching “The Big Lebowski” and hearing Captain Beefheart’s “Her Eyes Are a Blue Million Miles.” It was sooo perfect, the movie and the music. Thank you, Captain, for all those good times.

  4. Sad face! I love Zappa’s music, but haven’t explored Beefheart. So, Trout Mask.. is the way to go? I will have to check it out.

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