Kings and Queens

John, Fahari, Zuri, Lelie, Baruti, Aslan and Lusaka

bow deep, everyone.

and bring treats.

via Lion cubs born at Smithsonian National Zoo make public debut in Washington D.C..


5 thoughts on “Kings and Queens

  1. I love the mom’s face….pure focused contentment! What a beautiful litter! (is litter correct for lion cubs?)

    • I guess “litter” is correct.
      as per the article, these seven are from two different litters that were born a few weeks apart. from different moms, obvy.
      I suppose the cubs are being reared together.

      a good reason to go to DC!

      • It sure is! :)

        I kind of wish I could hop out and go right now….but holiday obligations are keeping me at home! Heee! How surprised everyone would be if I left a note “Gone to DC to see lion cubs!”

  2. I have read that “sister” lionesses will all look after each other’s cubs. They are magnificent! Bring treats…and cuddles!

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