let’s get to work, kittens

FOXNews has a poll about the repeal of DADT

click on the link and let’em know what you think. let’s see if we can turn the poll. pass it on.

me? delighted. de-fucking-lighted


5 thoughts on “let’s get to work, kittens

  1. Voted…

    Wasn’t wild about the choices. Basically, “No, it won’t impact it” or “Yes, and in a negative way.” Perhaps the answer “Yes–it will improve our ability since we won’t be wasting time on gay witch hunts” is valid. Of course, it’s Faux News: there’s no way enabling gays to serve could be a good thing.

    • I agree. they are not exactly wild about it.

      as of 19:30h,
      53.5% – no, the repeal of DADT will not detriment the US armed forces
      41.1% – yes, it will.

      …wonder if FOXNews will report on these results.

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